1. This Orient, Chapter 6

    The Doctor carried the Master to the infirmary of his own TARDIS. He felt as though his organs had turned to lead, dragging him down to the cold grating. The weight of his best friend of so many years matched the ache in his hearts. He had hoped so very much that it wouldn’t come to this. His hopes had been dashed, as it seemed they so often were.

    He had been heading back from the now-destroyed marketplace, using the tunnel under the fountain and emerging clean and dry into the cool air when there had been a sharp shock through his mind. A shock he hadn’t felt since the day he erased the rest of the Time Lords from existence. The whiplike lashing pain of his mental links to the Master and Rose suddenly being cut.

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  2. This Orient, Chapter 5

    The Doctor pulled the red wires loose from the inside of the rickety old ship, twining them together with the blue ones from the next panel and squinting through his glasses at the connection. His tongue tapped at the inside of his teeth. That should do it; a few more and this whole section of the shipyard would soon be nothing more than space dust. He’d have five minutes to get the transmat working to send him back to the marketplace, but he always did his best electronics repair under pressure.

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  3. This Orient, Chapter 4

    The Doctor watched coolly as the Master left. The man certainly liked to play with fire, but then he always had, even when they were children together. He had been a little mad for as long as the Doctor could remember. This time it might get him killed for good and the Doctor wouldn’t be able to stop it. The sheer force of the Time Vortex in her mind had almost overwhelmed him, yet she lived with it seeming unharmed. She should be dead, long dead. She was impossible.

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  4. This Orient, Chapter 3

    Rose was outside her mind again, but this time there was no dizzying anxiety or sense of emptiness. This time the Doctor was there with her, standing next to her holding her hand. The familiar warm pressure of his fingers wrapped around hers radiated contentment, flowing warm and silky through her. She was also wearing her old, equally familiar jeans and hoodie, long since abandoned in her life in the parallel universe.

    “Where are we?” she asked. “This is some kind of metaphor or something, right?”

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  5. This Orient, Chapter 2

    We’re not doing anything to her,” the Doctor said. “You’ve done quite enough.”

    “Oh please, I haven’t touched a human in years. And here you are not wanting to share? Selfish.”

    The Doctor rolled his eyes. Fifty years of traveling with the Master, on and off, and he was more than a little tired of the man’s stupid games. “We made a deal. You can ask me to fulfill the terms of our deal. If you touch Rose…Rose is not part of the deal.”

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  6. This Orient, Chapter 1

    Later, she would reflect on why she didn’t immediately know that something was terribly wrong.

    Maybe that sound, that familiar whirring sound she hadn’t heard for three years, had erased all her self-preservation skills, hard-earned with years at Torchwood. Maybe the sight of that familiar coat flapping gently in the London breeze had stopped her brain along with her heart.

    But she hadn’t thought, not at all. Instead she ran, as fast as she could, as fast as she had when she had travelled with him. She flew into his arms, her throat already full of grief and joy and ready to erupt into near-hysterical tears. She absorbed his aroma, wool coat and cloves and the unmistakeable tinge she’d learned was the odor of time itself. It smelled like ozone and new steel.

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